World’s Biggest 2021 Startups: Top Unicorns and Decacorns

There were more than 800 unicorn startups globally, those with a valuation above $1B. Some of these have become household names, like SpaceX and Instacart. 35 of these are Decacorns, which are unicorns with valuations over $10B. Many of the most valuable startups are already giants in their fields. For example, social media company Bytedance is the developer behind video network platform TikTok, with a valuation of $140M.

More than 77% of decacorns are directly related to technology related fields, primarily financial and commerce software according to Visual Capitalist. The US and China accounted for 70% of the decacorns, followed by the UK.

Startups Valued Above $10B in 2021 (Total Sector):

Fintech (9)
E-commerce & direct to consumer (4)
Artificial intelligence (3)
Hardware (3)
Internet software & services (3)
Consumer & retail (2)
Data management & analysis (2)
Edtech (2)
Health (2)
Supply chain, logistics, delivery (2)
Other (2)
Auto & transportation (1)