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The Strategic Financial Alliance, Inc.

Clive Slovin, President & CEO

"Paula has been a valuable due diligence resource for our growing firm over many years. Her services have included, as needed, product and sponsor overviews as well as in-depth analyses. These services have included both initial and ongoing due diligence."

ProEquities, Inc

Libet Anderson, CIMA - President

"While we have only been working with Paula  and Miterko and Associates for less than a year, the results are impressive. Her attention to detail is amazing and we are fortunate to receive her guidance and deep understanding of the alternative marketplace. Paula’s work is thorough, timely and easily understood. She has always been extremely responsive to questions and concerns. She is certainly the best player on the bench we could ever hope for in a very difficult playing field."

Lincoln Investment Planning LLC/Capital Analysts

Steve M., CIO, SVP - Investment Research

"Paula's due diligence reports, interaction with our investment department and presentations to our Product Review Committee have been invaluable in leveraging the limited resources of our team and allow us to maintain the high level of service demanded by our advisors. Her reports are customized to our Committee format, which is a real time saver. She is flexible with her schedule, timely with her reporting, thorough and interactive with our department throughout the due diligence process. Best of all, she leaves no stone unturned. It's like having another member on our staff."

sponsor consulting

Green Rock, LLC

Clayton Mobley, President

"Our firm has worked with Paula and Miterko and Associates for multiple years now, and I cannot think of a better consultant to help in the broker dealer community. With a keen understanding of the due diligence process and years of experience, you can always expect world class advice and service. Our company truly would not be where it is today without the help of Miterko and Associates."

Megatel Capital Investment

Zach Ipour, Co-President

"Miterko and Associates is a seasoned due diligence firm that new and veteran sponsors alike should retain. As a third-party due diligence firm, Miterko and Associates provided critical feedback and insight that helped shape and develop my company's series of offerings. The firm thoroughly vetted our offerings and gave salient advice that reflected an understanding of the need to balance both investor goals and corporate growth. In addition, Paula Miterko is an incredibly connected business leader with a keen understanding of the independent broker-dealer community. She was able to tactfully convey broker-dealer concerns and relay the company's responses. I am fortunate to have worked with Miterko and Associates over the past several years and am confident that other members of our community will also benefit from their expertise." 


Green Rock, LLC

Chris Devine, Chief Operating Officer

"We have utilized Miterko and Associates for several years in the areas of due diligence, organizational stress testing, supervisory procedures, and other continuous process improvements. Miterko and Associates has been instrumental in our success by helping us to become an example of excellence for our investor partners within the alternative investment community."


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