“Policies & Procedures”

“Policies & Procedures” We see this term regularly in our sector but if we’re being honest, many just gloss over it thinking (1) this doesn’t apply to my role, or (2) it’s “someone else’s job” to be mindful of Policies & Procedures. For the day to day functions of your role, do you really know how having – or conversely not having – clearly documented P&P either protects or exposes you, your firm, and end investors to liability and harm? If the answer is No, you’re likely among the majority. Case in point, a headline that should startle:

NASAA 6 Out of 10 State Registered RIAs Lack Procedure Protecting Seniors

A review of, updating, or building Policies & Procedures with an objective expert is always prudent. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting alone and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to protect yourself and your firm.
Check out the NASAA website for more info and resources.