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BD/RIA Due Diligence Outsourcing

Outsource some or all of your due diligence process to qualified, third-party experts.

  • Initial Program Screenings 
  • Program Reviews
  • Sponsor/Issuer Reviews
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Public and Private Placements
  • Custom Projects
  • Compliance Controls and Procedures Review and Audit (WSP's)

Services are customized to provide what you want, and you only pay for what you need. Miterko and Associates becomes part of your team, adding top level expertise in a cost effective manner.

Sponsor Consulting

Improve Market Acceptance and Penetration Rates for Products Reviewed

We can help you develop the right structure, disclosures, and controls in line with industry best practices to improve your success in the IBD and RIA channels.

  • Sponsor Reviews
  • Program Structure Consulting and Recommendations
  • Position Your Company's History and Operating Strategy for Success.  
  • Best Practices and Growth Path Strategies
  • Back-office Controls and Procedures

Independent Due Diligence

Verification of facts, using a process developed over 35 years of experience.

Unique due diligence and market risks, along with any risk mitigating factors to consider, summarize due diligence risk; making Client business risk decisions much easier.

  • Executive Summary of material unique potential strengths, weaknesses, along with any risk mitigating factors and certain conclusions up front.
  • Straightforward assessments and analysts opinions, in writing. Our primary conclusions will be clearly stated; you don’t have to search for them.
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessments along with summary of factual information.
  • Thorough and comprehensive research reports.

Ongoing Public & Private Investment Monitoring

Investment monitoring is a time-consuming process that often falls to the back burner for BDs in favor of revenue producing activity.

  • Actively monitoring public and private securities offerings
  • Building monitoring files for you to access
  • Providing Miterko Monitoring Reports summarizing key financial and performance data
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areas of expertise

Miterko and Associates provides trusted & valuable independent due diligence services, primarily on Alternative Investments.

  • Public and private offerings
  • Real estate
  • Energy programs
  • Private equity
  • Preferred stock
  • Credit offerings
  • Tax-Oriented offerings such as conservation easements, Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), 1031 exchanges, and drilling programs


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