Where We’ve Been and Where We are Growing

Miterko & Associates continues to expand our suite of Due Diligence related services. Most people know us as a traditional Third Party Due Diligence research firm but, while we still provide third party Due Diligence research, we offer so much more now!  We currently spend most of our time on providing customized Due Diligence outsourcing services to Broker Dealers and RIAs that may not have the resources to build a top-tier team in house or that want a second expert opinion. We also consult with sponsors wanting to increase their footprint in the BD/RIA channel by providing advice on product structuring, disclosures, marketing and back office controls and procedures for scalable growth. During the initial stage of Covid-related market uncertainty we created Miterko Monitoring Reports(™), a web-based portal where clients can access our analysis of key metrics of public and private investment programs. This proactive monitoring can serve as an early warning to selling group members of things that may impact the outcomes of these programs during the offering period and beyond.

After helping Miterko & Associates launch and publicize this expanded suite of services, Janice Olson will soon retire (again!) to focus on building her own business in health and wellness. Janice has been an invaluable asset to Miterko & Associates by bringing her business development and marketing skills to support our clients and develop new relationships. She was instrumental in our rebranding, new website development, and collateral design. Paula Miterko stated, “I knew Janice would be the perfect fit for Miterko & Associates due to her marketing skills, strong relationships, similar sense of values, and work ethic.  I did not realize how much I would come to rely on her input in helping me think outside the box and I value her friendship now more than ever.”  We wish Janice the very best in her future endeavors, and while she will no longer be working with Miterko & Associates, our friendship will endure.”

“In that same spirit of maintaining our growth momentum and quality control, I am pleased to announce that Melissa Sanders has joined Miterko & Associates to assume responsibilities for Business Development and Marketing,” says Miterko. Melissa joins Miterko & Associates with decades of experience in Alternative Investments having held senior executive roles in Sales and Strategy for well-known firms Trust Company of America by E*Trade, AI Insight, Inc., and SEI Investments. With extensive experience in both the Broker-Dealer and RIA distribution channels. Melissa brings expertise in comprehensive business analysis and strategy, financial industry marketing, and RIA practice management solutions.  Her specialized knowledge in the FinTech arena helps clients optimize tech stacks for operational efficiency and overall expansion trajectories.

“Maintaining quality control of our investment research while we expand our suite of services requires strong attention to detail and a variety of skills and abilities.  With Melissa’s help, I am confident we will continue to thrive in supporting our Clients and the Alternatives industry,” says Miterko.  

Visit our website www.miterko.com for more information about our suite of services or call us today to schedule a demo of the Miterko Monitoring Report(™) and portal.