Helping RIAs Reach Elite Status

A recent Elite RIA Study indicated several common characteristics.

  1. Elite RIAs are more likely to use specialists in virtually every area except technology. This allows for a team-based approach that helps land bigger clients and allows professionals to focus on what they do best.
  2. Using Investment Specialists allows multiple advisors to work on client needs, each bringing their own expertise. This tends to create deeper client relationships and improve client retention, even if there is staff turnover.
  3. Compliance specialists and support staff may not be on the top of the new hire list, but the time they free up for more valuable tasks helps set the elite firms apart.
  4. Elite firms are more likely to brand themselves as more holistic providers of a broader array of wealth management services.

Many successful RIAs leverage their internal resources by outsourcing due diligence and portfolio monitoring functions, particularly in the complex world of Alternative Investments. If you would like to free up time to work with clients and grow your business to ELITE status, we can help.  Miterko & Associates has been providing due diligence services to BDs and RIAs for over 30 years; why not put our experience to work for you?