Unique Opportunity to Access Best-In-Class Energy Sponsor

It is rare for a third-party due diligence firm to single out any one sponsor.  That said, Miterko and Associates has had the opportunity to work with Mewbourne Oil Company for many years and we recognize, along with other industry participants, that they are often cited as “best-in-class” due to their program structure, performance, their financial strength, and "skin in the game” approach; they always invest their own funds alongside investors.  I often use their offering document as an example of among the best I’ve seen in having good disclosures and seeking to minimize all manner of potential conflicts of interest.

Due to high demand by accredited investors, Mewbourne Oil Company historically has had to limit their drilling program selling group to a few select firms.  As a result of COVID-related economics and overall industry sales being generally down across the board at this time, Mewbourne is offering broader access to BDs and RIAs.  Mewbourne will be offering an opportunity for BDs and RIAs to learn about their company operations and the client benefits associated with energy investing in advance of their 2021 Drilling Program.

Mewbourne will be hosting a Due Diligence Conference in Dallas, TX January 26-27, which will include a number of educational speakers on their operations, exploration, reservoir engineering and investor services.  Attendees will also have a chance to tour their Permian Basin operations outside of Carlsbad, NM.  If you are a BD or RIA who works with accredited investors, and would like to learn more about the DD conference, please see the Mewbourne invitation below.


Mewbourne Oil Company will be hosting a due diligence conference at the Hyatt Regency Airport Hotel in Dallas, TX beginning the afternoon/evening of Tuesday January 26th through Thursday January 27th.  The conference is designed as an informative way of educating both the RIA and Broker Dealer community on oil and gas partnerships and the benefit of oil and gas investments for their clients.  A short agenda of speakers is provided below along with the opportunity to see our Permian Basin operations outside of Carlsbad, NM using Private Aircraft accommodations.  We hope you will attend and learn why Mewbourne Oil Company has continued to be a best-in-class oil and gas sponsor to the investment community for well over 20 years.  Once we have a total headcount a detailed agenda will be provided.

January 26th- 7:00 pm Welcome Dinner hosted by Mewbourne Oil Company

January 27th- 8:30 am Welcome and Kickoff by Mr. Ken Waits President and CEO of MOC

Presentations by:

  • Roe Buckley-Chairman and V.P. of MOC
  • Monty Whetstone-V.P. Operations MOC
  • Cody Owens-V.P. of Exploration
  • Drew Robinson-V.P. Corporate Affairs
  • Mike Estes-Manager of Reservoir Engineering
  • Gary Stair-Manager of Investor Services

January 28th- 7:30 am Departure to Carlsbad, NM for a tour of our Permian Basin Area Drilling, Completion, and Production Operations.

Please RSVP by contacting Gary Stair at [email protected] if you are interested in attending.